River Rouge City Hall

Beyond Balanced Budgets

Michigan’s local governments—large and small, urban and suburban—have experienced crushing declines in revenue in recent years. In response, they’ve attempted to restructure, cutting spending and consolidating services. Still, the current broken system has left many cities on the brink of fiscal insolvency.

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Can roads “cause” travel? No, but MPOs can.

SEMCOG recently weighed in on the term “induced demand”. Their treatment of the topic both demonstrates the paucity of metro Detroit’s planning toolkits and glosses over SEMCOG’s role in those more complex considerations.

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It’s Time to Get “On Board”

Today, after months of hard work, we launch On Board (OnBoardMI.org). What’s On Board? For local officials, it’s a secure database they can use to more easily manage information about local boards and commissions. For residents like you and me, it’s a website we can use to find information about these bodies and get involved.

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