Woodward Avenue in Detroit

Going for the Gold on Woodward

“Detroit: Home of the country’s most advanced bus rapid transit system.” Sound like a fantasy? Think again. Now is the time to plan for Gold Standard transit on Woodward.

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Proposal 1: To PPT, or Not to PPT

On August 5, you’ll be called on to maintain or eliminate a significant source of income for many of Michigan’s municipalities, but most people have never even heard of this revenue stream: the personal property tax.

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Energy Efficient Homes Seek Loving Owners

The Michigan Suburbs Alliance believes that no one should have to choose between buying food and paying bills. To that end, we partnered with Wayne County EDGE and the City of Southgate to rehab three houses, turning them into energy efficient homes for low-income residents. They are now ready for purchase!

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Transit, MuniFi and Energy, Oh My!

Our summer fellows won’t be getting coffee, answering phones or opening mail. They’ll spend the next ten weeks researching key regional policy issues, while living on Wayne State’s campus, attending weekly research skill-building seminars and immersing themselves in the region.

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