Millennial Vision for Metro Detroit


The Millennial Mayors Congress envisions a metropolitan Detroit that works collaboratively to address shared problems, empowering individual communities to take local action towards regional change. Together, the region will elevate sustainability, equitable opportunity and access, a creative and innovative environment and openness to new people and ideas.

The Millennial Vision for Metro Detroit seeks to revitalize member communities by focusing on the issues most important to metro Detroit Millennials, all within the framework of sustainability and regionalism. Millennial Mayors Congress representatives agreed that a visioning initiative would encourage regional cooperation, and ensure that future initiatives undertaken by the Congress are rooted in the desires of local Millennials and other community members.

The Congress conducted an online survey of over 550 18 to 35-year-old residents of Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. They also held focus groups that explored more deeply how local Millennials would improve metro Detroit and their own communities. The Millennial Mayors Congress’s vision for the region is directly informed by the findings of the survey and the focus groups, as well as outside research on Millennial priorities, and guided by the program’s mission to unify member communities and empower young leaders.

Key Components

Our vision consists of…

  • A healthy, sustainable economy powered by entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • An abundance of jobs across skill level and education, providing workers—especially young talent—with access to diverse employment opportunities.


  • A vibrant region characterized by a network of compact, mixed-use spaces.
  • Development, redevelopment and adaptive reuse that support and enhance existing neighborhoods and highlight the strong,authentic character of individual communities.

  • regional transportation network with many travel choices, including biking, walking and transit, that allows residents to easily, reliably and affordably access amenities across the metro area and within their own cities.

  • An equitable primary and secondary education system in every community that prepares all students for the new economy.
  • Affordable and accessible higher education.

  • Representative, responsive, accessible and efficient local government.

  • Energy efficiency and increased use of alternative energy sources.
  • Abundant and healthy open space, waterways and outdoor recreation opportunities.

To achieve these ideals, the Congress seeks to give a voice to diverse leadership and embrace the distinct and authentic identities and strengths of our member communities. It’s up to us to shape our ideal future and create a stronger, sustainable, more vibrant metro Detroit.

Be sure to check out our series of Issue Briefs (PDF) to learn more about the Millennial Vision for Metro Detroit.


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