Over the years, Metro Matters has created a variety of publications in response to the needs and interests of our member communities.

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  • Regional Rundown: Our podcast features 20-minute dives into topics relevant to metro Detroit, includes interviews with experts and elected officials, and focuses on metropolitan-scale challenges and solutions.
  • Annual Reports: Our Annual Reports offer snapshots of the organization’s progress, including fiscal information for each year.
  • Idea books: These short, engaging pieces highlighting one topic of interest inner-ring suburbs and suggesting potential solutions. Our idea books are typically designed to spark discussion at a Mayors and Managers Forum.
  • In The Ring: Companions to idea books, In the Ring is written and distributed after each Mayors and Managers discussion to let cities and decision makers in Lansing know what conversations are happening in the inner ring suburbs.

Program-Specific Resources

  • Climate Action Planning: Metro Matters worked with Hazel Park, Southgate and Ypsilanti to develop local strategies for community-level action on climate change. Here, find the reports for each city, a library of strategies, and everything you need to create a climate action plan for your small city.
  • Millennial Mayors Congress Resources: This resource library includes the Millennial Vision for Metro Detroit, information on their protocols as well as the Congress’ charter, meeting agendas and minutes.

Best Practices Documents

  • Police Service Collaboration: How-To Manual: This how-to manual contains all the information from the Creating Collaborative Communities police service workshop, plus as additional research, examples and resources.
  • Fire Service Collaboration: How-To Manual: This how-to manual contains all the information from the Creating Collaborative Communities fire service workshop, plus additional research, examples and resources

Event Materials

  • Moving Our Metro: On November 18, 2013, Metro Matters and its partners convened city officials and staff, transportation advocates and other stakeholders together with experts from around the country to discuss how to leverage federal transportation programs to advance our region. This page contains links to handouts, speaker bios and presentations.


Your Turn to Make the News!

What do you think are the biggest challenges and/or opportunities facing our region in 2016? What kind of media coverage can effectively communicate the complexity of these issues, and vet possible solutions? These questions are at the heart of our new project with Metromode, Issue Media Group’s regional publication for metro Detroit. We believe that …

Hazel Park: A Point of Pride

Hazel Park is a pretty special place, home to smart local government, engaged community, and unexpected innovation. As they experience new investment and attention from this region and beyond, it’s important to recognize the hard work that brought them to this point. Read our love letter to the city!

Meet Detroit’s First Millennial Rep!

Since 2009, the Millennial Mayors Congress has worked to tackle shared challenges in metro Detroit through regional collaboration, but we were missing a paramount participant—the City of Detroit! This year, Detroit City Council voted unanimously to join the Congress, officially making Detroit our 23rd member city.




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