Welcome to Metro Matters

Metro Matters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in metro Detroit. We were founded in 2002 as the Michigan Suburbs Alliance to address the shared challenges of metro Detroit’s inner ring suburbs, and grew to engage more than 31 communities representing more than a million residents. In 2015, we relaunched as Metro Matters, a policy research and advocacy organization that works toward a stronger and more equitable metro Detroit. Our …

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Your Turn to Make the News!

What do you think are the biggest challenges and/or opportunities facing our region in 2016? What kind of media coverage can effectively communicate the complexity of these issues, and vet possible solutions? These questions are at the heart of our new project with Metromode, Issue Media Group’s regional publication for metro Detroit. We believe that …

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Hazel Park: A Point of Pride

Hazel Park City Hall

Hazel Park is a pretty special place, home to smart local government, engaged community, and unexpected innovation. As they experience new investment and attention from this region and beyond, it’s important to recognize the hard work that brought them to this point. Read our love letter to the city!

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Metro Matters: Our Next Evolution


Over the next few months, we’re transforming from the Michigan Suburbs Alliance into Metro Matters. We believe this name describes the organization we truly are, and the organization we want to be: sharp, inclusive, and dedicated to solutions that benefit the entire region.

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Meet Detroit’s First Millennial Rep!


Since 2009, the Millennial Mayors Congress has worked to tackle shared challenges in metro Detroit through regional collaboration, but we were missing a paramount participant—the City of Detroit! This year, Detroit City Council voted unanimously to join the Congress, officially making Detroit our 23rd member city.

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