Important Functional Considerations When Design A Dental Studio

If you are a dental doctor, your aim is to have a studio that is well designed and has enough spaces at key areas. There should a number of functional considerations that cater for various needs including those of physically challenged individuals. The following key considerations should be reviewed when evaluating your dental studio.

  • Types of finishes-If you are conscious about cleanliness, consider hard floors as they are easier to clean. If you want to use a carpet, it is advisable to apply a dark one. The light colours sometimes may show stains and they require a lot of time for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Importance of check-in and check-out doors- it is important to have a different entrance from people who are coming in and an exit door from those who are exiting the room. This avoids unnecessary conflicts and jams when one door is used. Remember patients are weak and do not want any conflicts when they are either exiting or checking in.
  • The play sites for children– It is recommended to have an isolated area for kids to play. This is especially when an entire family checks in for a kid?s appointment. It is important to have a large area where kids can be entertained as they wait for the other members.
  • Importance of exterior windows and accessibility

    to grade– It is important to have exterior windows that will help patients to look outside rather than just looking inside the dental operatory room. It is important for the operatory room to have grade for to assist people with special needs and the elderly.

  • Space requirement behind the dental chair– The ideal space behind the dental chair and the front rear is 22-24 inches. The ideal space should allow the doctor to move around and treat the patient.
  • Is there a rule of thumb for number of operations based on office size? 400SF per operatory is appropriate. An approximate 2400 SF has the capacity to handle 6 dental operatory treatments.
  • What is the minimum size of operatory? This should be 9 by 11 feet. There should be some space for the cabinets, and some aisle.
  • Handicapped requirements– For an office of 1500SF, there should be 2 restrooms for the handicapped while an office larger than this needs the hi-lo-bi-level washrooms.

At the Kesteven Dental studio design stage, it is important to evaluate all these aspects to enable you come up with the best design that meets your needs and those of the patient.

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