Meet Our Summer Interns

The Michigan Suburbs Alliance is proud to introduce a group of great new additions to our team: Brooks, Nabiha, Lauren, and Alyssa! This summer we’re relying on our interns to push a lot of great initiatives into practice, write some impactful pieces and policies, and do invaluable research for our future endeavors. Coming from all different academic backgrounds, our interns will contribute to our cause in unique ways. Learn more about them:

Brooks Cowan

This summer I will be working to raise awareness about rapid transit plans throughout metro Detroit. I will be participating in community outreach programs, including attending lots of local- and state-level meetings. I will also be contributing to our various social media sites in order to engage the community in what they would like to see in rapid transit. By the end of the summer, I hope to have educated the neighborhoods of metro Detroit about rapid transit possibilities and inspired them to get more involved in rapid transit planning.

Learn more about Brooks here.

Nabiha Hashmi

As a fellow with the Millennial Mayors Congress, I will research potential topics for the selection and development of the 2014 Congress protocol topic. This will require assessing the goals of the topics, the local government’s role in implementing the process, and the regional impact the topic may have. By the end of this summer, I hope to be able to present my research and make well-thought-out recommendations about the viability of each topic. On a personal level, I hope to learn the inner workings of community-based research and nonprofit organizations. I am most excited to gain experience working with local governments and expanding my knowledge of the metro area.

Learn more about Nabiha here.

Lauren Bealore

As the Millennial Mayors Congress fellow, I will be working with the Congress to implement the Millennial (Under)Representation Protocol. I will be attending city council meetings for all 23 cities involved in the Congress and be monitoring city council actions regarding the implementing of the protocol. Additionally, I will be working on a social media campaign centered around the Congress and the current initiatives taking place. What I hope to accomplish by the end of my time here is to get all of the cities to adopt the protocol, and fully make the changes suggested, and lay the groundwork for getting more Millennials on local Boards and Commissions.

Learn more about Lauren here.

Alyssa Smith

As the editorial and communications intern, I will be working on reaching a wider audience with our blog posts, increasing the frequency of posts, and engaging more of our staff to write and research for the Suburbs Alliance. I will also be doing quite a bit of blogging myself, researching for various projects, and creating e-newsletters. I plan on raising awareness of the issues that the Suburbs Alliance works on using a strong online presence and engaging my fellow Millennials in person. I look forward to leaving my mark this summer and growing my knowledge of cities and their possibility for positive change.

Learn more about Alyssa here.

Thank you for taking this metaphorical summer stroll with our interns. We encourage you to check out the programs they are working on and ‘like’ the Michigan Suburbs Alliance on Facebook for updates on all the new and exciting changes happening in southeast Michigan. Remember, if you happen to spot any of these lovely interns in your town, chat them up! They would love to tell you more about their respective programs and the Michigan Suburbs Alliance in general.